Cloud Computing from ThoughtWave Technologies LLC

Run your applications in our OpenStack Cloud. We offer boutique cloud computing services designed to offer you personalized 24x7 support that you can't get from the larger public cloud providers, and access to our own staff, not outsourced support teams, at a reasonable price or even fixed monthly fee.

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Existing Cloud Customers

If you are already a customer, you can access your cloud account at the link below, from where you can provision and boot cloud instances, add your own disk images, allocate floating IP addresses, and set up your security policy. If you need help, and are a customer, feel free to call or e-mail us with any of your questions.

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Run your SPARC-based Operating System on our fast 64-bit Oracle servers. Why invest thousands of dollars in your own computing environment just so you can run one or two legacy applications on SPARC? Why spend thousands of dollars hiring a UNIX administrator when you only need a few hours per month of support. Our basic service starts around $69/month and includes 1 SPARC vCPU, 1GB of RAM, and we'll install the OS free of charge. This service supports IPv4 and IPv6, and you will get an allocation of IPv6 address space free of charge..

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Managed Services

Custom solutions for your IT needs, even if you host your applications elsewhere. In addition to owning our own cloud and hosting infrastructure, we also have expertise in managing existing systems. If you have made existing costly investments in your IT infrastructure, why duplicate them when you can simply hire someone to manage them and make your life easier.

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VPN Services

Connect your business up to the IPv6 Internet today, using a simple piece of software that can be installed on any Linux system, turning it into an IPv6 router for your network.

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